Dearest Technology


Amidst the sound of hustle and bustle,
We all move towards the search of silence.
Keeping the pace of bread and butter,
But not accepting self, even in defiance.
Glaring and blurring but we still keep staring,
At some invention of technological intelligence.
Wandering in all places that could find some chemistry,
To explain this scientific alliance.

The packets are small, the joys are little,
How much more can there an Improvement be?
Wishes and rat races, expectations and blank faces,
How much more are we gonna rely on technology?
Senses are numb, humans turn dumb,
Learning rocket science and nuclear deals.
Cell phones our life, Wi-Fi zones are hub,
Wish you knew Smart phones could never explore psychologies.

A smiley conveys anger, emoticons become the gifts.
Wonder will all this ever have a chance, when the veil of invention lifts.
Don’t know if eyes would witness or lens would capture,
The magical unfolding of mysteries.
I hope it’s not too late to realize, my brothers
That living isn’t a chapter in history.


Keep 🙂 always


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