Reminisce of Psyche


Stormy, the skies of expectations
Render not many possibilities…
Distracted, the limited arena of attentions
Restrict the amount of capabilities…
Shadowed dreams, the venue of infinite incarnations
Rework the quantity of psychological casualties…
Blurry, phantasmagorias of projections
Restoring the once shattered walls of worries.

Lies and deceit, prejudice and vice,
Recreating its own visual device
Mounting fear endlessly strives,
Realizing the loss of bright blue skies.
Thunder and lightning, showers are frightening,
Residing in this great divide
Slowly and gradually, particularly yet casually,
Removing traces that Hope did abide.

Mystery, the circle full of implications
Release the lustrous abnormalities…
Glittering, a windshield full of drugged sensations
Recollect the available categories…
Sweetened concussion, the drama of justifications
Rusted by downpour of formalities…
Aesthetic, irony of transgressions
Ramified by psychic analogies.

Keep 🙂 always


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