Hearts Don’t Divide


Listening to the lengthy talks
Over the telephonic conversations
Writing a brand new script, in my mind….

How I wished that you heard
To the people’s communications
Waiting for a worthy chance, of your time…

But you’re the one who’s so caught up
In your own fictional imaginations
Walking down your own black hole, without a sign…

And now you want it to be consistent
Devoid of possible distractions
Hoping that things don’t change, or be dried…

So hey, I won’t forget
Our numerous interactions
Your place still remains the same, deep inside…
And hey, I’ll always stay
Along conscious deliberations
You’ll gradually realize, that Hearts Don’t Divide…

Watching your silent tasks
With minimum human interactions
Wishing of better friction, in our lives…

How I hoped you ever glanced
And made some serious observations
Longing for a word from you, by my side…

But you’re the one so widely known
For your thousands of interconnections
Sliding into your safe house, you sighed…

And now you say they want me to buzz off
Let go of every single expectations
Praying that the romance doesn’t fade, or be buried…

So hey, I won’t liberate
Our chance for disquisition
You’re still the only one, by my side…
And hey, I’ll always claim
The right of confabulation
You’ll then understand why, that Hearts Don’t Divide…


Keep 🙂 Always


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